Teaching, Mentorship & Service

classes, workshops, and teaching material

Carnegie Mellon University

MCDS Capstone
11-634, 11-632
Spring/Fall 2021: Project Mentor
  • ○ Mentored the MCDS Capstone on "Egocentric Trajectory Prediction" that introduces novel methods for automatic annotation of video data, and deep learning methods for egocentric trajectory prediction using that data
  • ○ Submitted as a full paper to CVPR 2022.
Introduction to Deep Learning
Spring 2021: Teaching Assistant
  • ○ Undergraduate/Graduate-level introduction to deep learning course, taught by Prof. Bhiksha Raj.
  • ○ Developed a new automatic differentiation framework from scratch, that was released to the class as a Bonus Assignment.
  • ○ Held regular recitations and office hours, mentored and graded project assignments
Data Science Seminar
Fall 2020: Teaching Assistant
  • ○ Graduate-level seminar course, mandatory for first-year MCDS students in the LTI, taught by Prof. Eric Nyberg.
  • ○ Revamped course format and grading structure, organised several invited talks from researchers in academia and industry.

MIT College of Engineering, Pune

Data Structures and Algorithms
Fall 2018
  • ○ Undergraduate level introduction course to Data Structures and Algorithms
  • ○ Assisted in teaching course concepts, and provided an introduction to competitive programming using the concepts learned in class.